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Attractive For Tents & Shades Aims to provide the best quality products and services to clients with new ideas and creativity in the field of TENSILE STRUCTURE , SWIMMING POOL FABRIC SHADES, CAR PARKING SHADES, RENTAL TENTS, .

Now Attractive is top listed in the relative fields. Our key to success is the untiring commitment of producing customer’s specific quality product at enormously competitive prices.




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" The service is great and you are very professional, professional and accurate. I was happy to deal with you and never hesitated to nominate you to all people I know . "

-Noura Hazem Sakr / Senior Business Development Specialist

" A very respectable company .Thay have a great commitment and credibility . "

-Eslam Ayman / Student

" Thank you very much for your respectable materials and excellent workmanship. "

-Sarah Adel / Student

" A very respectable company, the materials are at a high level, and the dates are punctual "

-Mohamed shaaban / Lawyer

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We have a wide network of distinguished clients all over Egypt

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About US

Attractive Tents Company has been established since 2012 Egypt to sell Metal Tents with all their additional requirements. Then the Company developed to be specialized in implementing all shades solutions and designs for outdoor areas.
For example: Motorized Pergola & Awning, Tensile Tent, Steel & Wooden Pergola - Sails and Umbrellas.

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